Hi, I'm Gemma

I help small businesses create and manage an online presence and store that their business deserves. Whether your business be a side hustle or full time business, based solely online or in a bricks and mortar location, I can help you. 

My first side-hustle creative business The Little Grey Girl came about in 2015 because my day job left me with an ache to do something more creative. I couldn't find anyone selling the type of knitting accessories I wanted, so I decided to start making my own. To say I became obsessed was an understatement and I have been putting all of my energy into it ever since.

My Story

The Little Grey Girl has had an online journey through Etsy, Squarespace and now calls Shopify its home. A number of friends with small businesses liked my sites and have contacted me to ask me to help them as they have no idea where to start or what to do, or the time to really do it, and I agreed and loved it.

So Gem & Co was born and I now use my 15 years of experience as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager to help other small businesses launch their product and service based store on an easy to manage and use platform for them and their customers.

These days I can generally be found with a cup of tea, on the sofa knitting or working away on my small businesses.

- I could never give up tea or chocolate that would be the end of the world to me.
- I have waaaaaay too many handbags - actually is that a thing?
- I have a very interesting music taste which includes Grime, gotta love Spotify and Sonos
- I'm a knitter and a self-confessed yarn addict.
- I have a football season ticket for a premiership team.

 Some random facts about me